Monday, May 27, 2019

Brinsley Schwarz - Silver Pistol / Please Don't Ever Change

I'm back. Been listening to the music, but did not feel like writing. Guess it is time to get back at it.

I thoroughly  enjoyed listening to Brinsley Schwarz Silver Pistol / Please Don't Ever Change as I drove the highway to and from work. It's a little piece of 1970's rock and roll heaven. Named after the band's guitarist, Brinsley Schwarz , the British band developed a strong  following, but never really took off.

The Silver Pistol and Please Don't Ever Change albums include Nick Lowe on base, guitars, and vocals. Bob Andrews on keyboards and vocals.  Bill Rankin on drums. BrinsleySchwarz ( I think his parents were out to get him)a1 on guitars, and Ian Gomm on guitars, bass and vocals. 

Silver Pistols includes:
  •  Dry Land (Gomm)
  • Merry Go Round (lowe)
  • One More Day (Gomm)
  • Nightingslr (Lowe)
  • Silver Pistol (Lowe)
  • The Last Time I was Fooled (Lowe)
  • Unknown Number (Lowe)
  • Range War (Gomm) 
  • Egypt (Lowe)
  • Niki Hoeke Speedway (Ford)
  • Ju Ju Man (Ford /Vegas)
  • Rockin'Chair (Gomm)
Please Don't Ever Change consists of:
  • Hooked On Love (Gomm)
  • Why Do We Hurt The One We Love (Lowe)
  • I Worry (')Bout You Baby ) (Lowe)
  • Don't Ever Change (Goffin / King)
  • Home In My Hand (Self)
  • Play That Fast Thing (One More Time) (Lowe)
  • I Won't Make It Without You (Lowe)
  • Down in Mexico (Lowe)
  • Speedoo (Navarro)
  • The Version (Hypocrite) (Sibbles)
The band played together from 1969 through 1975. Members went on to various bands including Ducks Deluxe  and various solo careers.

I am glad I happened upon this CD.  Now I have a name for the music I often heard Jim play.  It kept my foot tapping and generally added to the happy ambiance of home. I especially liked Play That Fast Thing One More Time and Hooked on Love.

Catch a glimpse of Brinsley Schwarz  on Wikipedia. Or listen to Please Don't Ever Change or  Down in Mexico.

I hope you discover some old favorites.


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