New Age

Island by David Arkenstone with Andrew White

Sometimes life just isn't fair! I'm driving down the road listening to the island sounds of David Arkenstone's Island. The musical flute and rythmic drums  make me think of warm sandy beaches, bright blue skies, and soft tropical breezes. But outside the car windows, there is six inches of snow and the flakes keep falling. No fair! READ MORE

Kit Walker: Fire In The Lake

Oh!  I remember this CD. Jim often played it as we were driving along. And Kit Walker Fire In The Lake is perfect background music. Although I liked the music, it just doesn't stay in my thought. 'Kinda wish I had a tune I could carry along all day.  No such luck. But I do enjoy  the music on the CD. READ MORE

Peter Buffett "The Waiting"

It's Peter Buffett, Mary.  Not Jimmy Buffett of Margaritaville fame. Glad I finally have that figured out. The abstract, down tempo tunes from the American musician, composer, author and philanthropist are enjoyable and relaxing. I don't remember Jim playing these tunes, but they are the kind that easily fit into the background .  So maybe he did play  The Waiting.  I just don't remember it. Read More

" Valley in the Clouds " by David Arkenstone

Just sit back and relax! This is definitely chill music. I only recognized one of the nine tunes on Valley in the Clouds by David Arkenstone. It was the final piece.  After listening to the new age CD with lots of nice, electronic sound, I was starting to feel disappointed that none of the tunes hit my memory. ...READ MORE