Thursday, January 30, 2020

Kit Walker: Fire In The Lake

Oh!  I remember this CD. Jim often played it as we were driving along. And Kit Walker Fire In The Lake is perfect background music. Although I liked the music, it just doesn't stay in my thought. 'Kinda wish I had a tune I could carry along all day.  No such luck. But I do enjoy  the music on the CD.

Play list includes:

  • Thunderworld
  • Touch the Earth
  • Fire in the Lake
  • White Crane Spreads Its Wings
  • Lightning In His Blood
  • Orion
  • The Nagual
  • First Snow
I like the titles. One can imagine the titles going along with the music.  My favorite is The Nagual and its soft flute music. Nagual is defined by the Merriam-Webster Dictionary as "a personal guardian spirit or protective alter ego assumed by various Middle American Indians to reside in an animal or less frequently in some other embodiment."   Oooh Eee Oooh.  I think I will just enjoy the music and not think about the meaning.

The jazz fusion album was released in 1989 on the Windham Hill label. Composer Kit Walker defines himself on his Web site as a musician, philosopher, and oracle.  That's quite a mouthful for Walker, who is known as a composer, keyboardist, and producer in the music world. You might like to spend some time on his Web site. There is a lot of heavy thinking going on. 

Listen to Fire in the Lake here. Check out his Youtube site and listen to his latest with his cohort Mariana Ingold. Spend some time there.  You will enjoy the music.

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