Saturday, January 11, 2020

Island by David Arkenstone with Andrew White

Sometimes life just isn't fair! I'm driving down the road listening to the island sounds of David Arkenstone's Island. The musical flute and rythmic drums  make me think of warm sandy beaches, bright blue skies, and soft tropical breezes. But outside the car windows, there is six inches of snow and the flakes keep falling. No fair!
Well at least I have the somewhat new age sounds of Arkenstone's CD to cheer me up. Island, by Arkenstone with Andrew White, was released in 1989 on the Narada Eqinox label. The electronic jazz album includes:

  • Nantucket
  • Ballet
  • The Island Road
  • Desert Ride
  • Along the Shoreline
  • Caravan
  • Hindu Holiday
  • Passage
  • Nullarbor
  • The Palace
  • Carnation Lily Lily Rose
The names have me thinking of at island retreat. Darn snow! Take a moment to listen to Nantucket and other pieces on Youtube

An American composer and performer, Arkenstone has filled his career with over 45 albums. Add soundtracks, commercials, and game scores to the list, and you realize  he must be creating all the time! His Web site describes him as a musical story teller.  I can't wait to hear the results of his recent trip to iceland.

Learn all (well at least some) of what there is to learn about Arkenstone here.  He's and interesting guy. And listen to more of  his music. Hmm.  Maybe if I play music of his from Iceland, I will see sun and sandy beaches out my car window. Anything is possible.

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