Dave Brubeck - We're All Together Again for the First Time

Perfect and orderly. That was the way Jim kept his music collections. He knew exactly where each album, CD, cassette tape and digital recording was on the shelves.

Things have kinda fallen apart since he left, which is how I ended up with another jazz CD to study. I reached in the box of CDs and pulled out Dave Brubeck's We're All Together Again for the First Time.The Jazz album, recorded before a live audience, was first released in 1973, and the first CD version in 1990. It is nice to hear some of Jim's favorites, even if I never knew they were from Dave Brubeck.  READ MORE

Alphonse Mouzon Band: Back to Jazz

LAUGH OUT LOUD! I  could not believe what I was listening to and the memories it dragged  up. The bleeping blooping sound of the Alphonse Mouzon Band: Back to Jazz track Space Commander reminded me of a pre-personal-computer-day video arcade - which Jim loved!  He would spend evenings feeding quarters into the machines at the Electronic Zoo in Kent, Ohio playing some ridiculous game, until he realized quarters were running out and he better get a job.... READ MORE

Eddie Daniels - Blackwood

Whoa! To me, clarinets were always the "sick geese" of high school band. They filled each performance with - to me - a rather grating  sound. Yes, to me they sounded just like the proverbial fingernails on a chalk board. READ MORE

"Muscle Music" - Featuring Terry Crews

Of course this is not from Jim's CD collection. But I know Terry Crews' unique style of playing the drums made him laugh, and I hope it makes you laugh too. ...READ MORE

Billy Cobham Power Play
What a difference a day or two makes. At first I was ready to throw Billy Cobham Power Play out the window. I found the jazz tunes tiresome after a few minutes. Not the least bit relaxing. I was all set to give it a thumbs down. ...READ MORE

Chick Corea Compact Jazz

Jim loved, loved, loved the music of jazz musician Chick Corea. He idolized the 22-time Grammy winning jazz legend, pianist and composer. I think if dreams really could come true, he would have been a musician .... READ MORE

Cross Currents, by Richard Souther

Cross Currents by Richard Souther is another soft jazz / new age CD from Jim's collection. It never ceases to amaze me the variety of music he possessed. He had just about everything, except whatever the current pop trash was. .. READ MORE

Perspectives The Columbia Jazz Sampler

Oh, I remember some of these and the soft sound of jazz floating down from Jim's office. I often recognize music, but have a difficult time recalling the name or artist. Jim would be proud that musically illiterate wife could at least recall the tunes. Perspectives The Columbia Jazz Sampler CD provides....READ MORE