Sunday, August 18, 2019

Steve Winwood Roll With It

I went down  to the deep, dark corner of the basement where the CDs are stored, and pulled out Steve Winwood's Roll With It.

What a nice  surprise! The classic four-beats-to-a-measure-and-a-quarter-note-gets-one-beat rock album - bordering on pop rock - had me humming along in no time. I especially enjoy Put On Your Dancing Shoes by  Steve Winwood and Will Jennings.
"Life's a dance; put on your dancing shoes; take a chance ..."
What a wonderful reminder to go on living - and living well. So I'll put on my dancing shoes and tap dance on!

Winwood is an English singer and musician. Known mainly as a vocalist and keyboardist, he also plays numerous other instruments including drums, guitars, bass and saxophone. His music is often described as progressive rock, rhythm and blues, and jazz. I describe it as just plain listening fun.

In between his solo career, Winwood is known for participating in popular bands including The Spencer Davis Group, Traffic, Blind Faith and Go. Notable solo pieces include While you See a Chance, Back in the High Life Again, Higher Love, and Roll With It. Even I am familiar with those, and now I know who sings them. I am even happy to know the next time I go to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, I can read about him as a member of Traffic. He was inducted in 2004.

The CD Roll With It was released in 1988 by Virgin Records of America Inc. Songs include:

  •  Roll With It
  • Holding Oh
  • The Morning Side
  • Put on Your Dancing Shoes
  • Don't You Know What the Night Can Do?
  • Hearts on Fire
  • One More Morning
  • Shining Song
I like them all.  Learn more about Winwood at his website, or listen to Roll With It on Youtube.  Don't forget your dancing shoes!

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