Saturday, May 2, 2020

Warren Bernhardt - Heat of the Moment

Well this is nice. Warren Bernhardt's Heat if the Moment CD is a gentle reflection of the pianist's jazz style.  When listening, I almost feel like I'm sitting in a lounge with a group of friends with the music playing gently in the back ground. Although  I don't remember the music, Jim would play something like this while he was typing away on the computer. It is just plain nice.

My favorite title of the album, recorded in 1989, by Digital Music Products Inc., is Club Black Diamond by Bernhardt, followed by Love Walked In by Ira Gershwin, and oh my - In a Sentimental Mood by Duke Ellington.

The Heat of the Moment album band was comprised of Bernhardt on piano, Peter Erskine on drums, Jay Anderson on acoustic bass, Gordon Gottlieb on percussion, and Mike DeMicco on guitar.

On the album, the group artfully played:

  • Love Walked In, I. Gershwin
  • Bodas de Sangue, Bros Valle
  • Club Black Diamond, W. Bernhardt
  • Wakin' Up, B. Evans
  • Heat of the Moment, W. Bernhardt
  • There Came You, B. Evans
  • Pali Lookout, M. DiMicco
  • The Two Lonely People, B. Evans
  • Mi En Broma? W. Bernhardt
  • A Sentimental Mood, D. Ellington
Lots of good listening!

Bernhardt was born November 1938 in Wausau, Wisconsin, the son of a pianist. His home was filled with music, and often went to sleep as a toddler under his father's grand piano as a notable pianists played above.When his father passed at an early age, Bernhadt took a break from music and began studying chemistry and physics at Chicago University. There, however, he was attracted to the local music scene and all the jazz players had to offer.  Several well-known musicians took him under their wings and he was hooked. And so, his career as a noted jazz, pop, and classical  pianist began.  His career lead him not only down many solo and band leading paths, but in cooperation with many performers and bands, including Simon and Garfunkel and Steely Dan.

I enjoyed an interview with the artist on youtube. Bernhardt spoke about his career in ways which made him seem like an ordinary guy. He did, like many of us, have to consider how he was going to pay tuition for his kids when choosing a job. Learn about his career well-played at wikipedia.

Listen to some of the some of his music here. I'm sure you will enjoy it.

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  1. You had me at taking naps under the piano! :)