Friday, August 28, 2020

Phil Colllins Serious Hits Live

Every now and then my Jim would take pity on me, and not play jazz as we were driving along. He would add a CD of what he called "pop trash" to appease me. I WAS grateful for a little Phil Collins after weeks of commuting to one modern jazz piece after another.

Phil Collins Serious Hits Live filled the bill quite nicely. Toe-tapping tracks include:

  • Something Happened On the Way to Heaven
  • Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now)
  • Who Said I Would
  • One More Night
  • Don't Lose My Number
  • Do You Remember
  • Another Day in Paradise
  • Separate Lives
  • In The Air Tonight
  • You Can't Hurry Love
  • Two Hearts
  • Sussudio
  • A Groovy Kind of LoveR
  • Easy Lover
  • Take Me Home
All tracks were recorded live and produced by Phil Collins and Robert Colby. Engineered by Paul Gomersall, and mixed by Gomersall and Colby. the CD was released in 1990 by Atlantic Recording Corporation.

My favorite piece is One More Night - not for the romantic ideas the song presents - but for practical matters. If I had one more night I would ask Jim "What is the password for such-and-such site," "Where did you put the safe deposit box key," and "which button do you push to get the CD player to work." 

I would also tell him about Downton Abbey.  He was always asking what the show was about.  I never took the time to tell him. He was too busy watching basketball games to care about a period piece soap opera. So sorry I never told him. I would also tell him about his kids and grand kids and what great people they are. Oh, we would talk all night! But back to Phil Collins....

Philip David Charles Collins was born in 1951 in West London.  He started playing drums at age five, and grew into international fame.  He landed in with 70s band Genesis as the drummer, and moved on to vocalist after lead singer Peter Gabriel left. He expanded his career to include solo work, and earned  numerous awards. His work is also featured in several Disney productions Of late,he is performing in his Last Domino Tour in and around England - but currently on hold because of the pandemic. 

Learn more about Phil Collins at Wikipedia . Watch In the Air Tonight reaction video by twins Tim and Fred  Williams.Watching them react to the awesome drum solo which begins in the middle of the song is a hoot. I'm glad they appreciated it. Hmm the music fades out.  Guess Youtube thought I was stealing.  You can go directly to youtube and listen here.

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Return to Forever by Chick Corea

I knew it would come to this.  Chick  Corea was one of my Jim's favorite artists - often playing his tunes in the car as we drove along. But to be honest, I did not like or particularly enjoy the new jazz music.  Yes, there are many sections I enjoy, however the sections change quickly  without any rhyme or reason. To me, it is just a mish-mash of pleasant sounds thrown together. Splat!

There are four tracks on the album, first published in 1972 and later transferred to the then new CD format:

  • Return to Forever
  • Crystal Silence
  • What Game Shall We Play Today
  • Sometime Ago - La Fiesta
One moment I am enjoying Return to Forever. The next I can't understand why the tunes are yelling at me. Crystal Silence is enjoyable at first,but makes a quick change, and I feel like my once 4-year-old at his sister's grade four band concert.  "Make them stop.Make them stop!" he cried. What Games Shall We play Today is my favorite.  It carries on in a sing-song way, kinda' like it's title. Sometime Ago - La Fiesta  rattled me.  At first I am humming along, an then a quick change into - to me - discordant sounds.

Oh well.  I will have to just agree to disagree with Jim on this album.

Armando Anthony "Chick" was born in 1941 in Chelsea, MA and grew up in a musical family. He said, "There were always musicians around. My dad would come home from a gig...he'd bring the band back, they'd have their tuxes on and they'd loosen their ties and my mother would cook some pasta."

Chick began studying piano at age four.  His love for that grew as his love for jazz, and he became known as a piano and keyboard expert. He took jazz to new levels. Read more  about him. Learn more about the 23-time Grammy-Winning Jazz Legend, Pianist and Composer at his Web site.Dig in and you'll find schedules for concerts, training for professionals, a blog, and store for all your Chick Corea CDs and T-shirts. Or, listen to some of his music on Youtube.

I enjoyed listening to the music, and remembering how my Jim used to tease me with it. "Shall we listen one more time?"  Mwa ha ha?

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Rob Mullins 5th Gear

What wonderful background  music! I enjoyed Rob Mullins 5th Gear. I can see my Jim working at his desk with this accompanying him.

The contemporary jazz album was recorded in 1988 by NOVA Records Inc.  Mullins produced the album with Co-producer Kevin Clock and Executive Producer David Gimpel. The album featured
 Rob Mullins, Marty Ruddy, Larry Thompson, Steve Reid, and SteveTavaglione, and came up with the song list below. They worked together with Mullins, known as an American jazz pianist, studio keyboardist, composer, producer,  arranger. recording engineer,, composer, and producer. Whew! That's quite a line up!  

Track List
Japanese Girl
Larrys Tune
Georgia On My Mind
Rockin' at the Regas
Memories of Tomorrow
5th Gear
Looking for Money
The Bush Patrol
Sky's the Limit

Larry's Tune and The Bush Patrol are my favorites.   Just can't seem to keep my feet still as I am driving down the road listening to them. is the address for his Web site. Check it out to see when his next live performance is.

Mullins was born in Enid, Oklahoma in 1958, end eventually moved to Los Angeles, California.You can tell by the smile o his face as he drives his red convertible, pictured on the album cover, that he enjoys his music career.  Learn all about him during a recent interview with him in his home town. Or listen to my favorite Larry's Tune here. I won't blame you if you  get up and dance!

Saturday, May 2, 2020

Warren Bernhardt - Heat of the Moment

Well this is nice. Warren Bernhardt's Heat if the Moment CD is a gentle reflection of the pianist's jazz style.  When listening, I almost feel like I'm sitting in a lounge with a group of friends with the music playing gently in the back ground. Although  I don't remember the music, Jim would play something like this while he was typing away on the computer. It is just plain nice.

My favorite title of the album, recorded in 1989, by Digital Music Products Inc., is Club Black Diamond by Bernhardt, followed by Love Walked In by Ira Gershwin, and oh my - In a Sentimental Mood by Duke Ellington.

The Heat of the Moment album band was comprised of Bernhardt on piano, Peter Erskine on drums, Jay Anderson on acoustic bass, Gordon Gottlieb on percussion, and Mike DeMicco on guitar.

On the album, the group artfully played:

  • Love Walked In, I. Gershwin
  • Bodas de Sangue, Bros Valle
  • Club Black Diamond, W. Bernhardt
  • Wakin' Up, B. Evans
  • Heat of the Moment, W. Bernhardt
  • There Came You, B. Evans
  • Pali Lookout, M. DiMicco
  • The Two Lonely People, B. Evans
  • Mi En Broma? W. Bernhardt
  • A Sentimental Mood, D. Ellington
Lots of good listening!

Bernhardt was born November 1938 in Wausau, Wisconsin, the son of a pianist. His home was filled with music, and often went to sleep as a toddler under his father's grand piano as a notable pianists played above.When his father passed at an early age, Bernhadt took a break from music and began studying chemistry and physics at Chicago University. There, however, he was attracted to the local music scene and all the jazz players had to offer.  Several well-known musicians took him under their wings and he was hooked. And so, his career as a noted jazz, pop, and classical  pianist began.  His career lead him not only down many solo and band leading paths, but in cooperation with many performers and bands, including Simon and Garfunkel and Steely Dan.

I enjoyed an interview with the artist on youtube. Bernhardt spoke about his career in ways which made him seem like an ordinary guy. He did, like many of us, have to consider how he was going to pay tuition for his kids when choosing a job. Learn about his career well-played at wikipedia.

Listen to some of the some of his music here. I'm sure you will enjoy it.

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Peter Buffett The Waiting

It's Peter Buffett, Mary.  Not Jimmy Buffett of Margaritaville fame. Glad I finally have that figured out. The abstract, down tempo tunes from the American musician, composer, author and philanthropist are enjoyable and relaxing. I don't remember Jim playing these tunes, but they are the kind that easily fit into the background .  So maybe he did play  The Waiting.  I just don't remember it.

The 1987 album, released on the Narada Mystique label, includes nine titles - each as smooth and enchanting as the next. Titles include:

  • Empire Builder
  • The Waiting
  • Why
  • Aberdeen
  • Generation Prelude
  • Generation
  • New West
  • One More Time
  • Big Sky
The Waiting is my favorite.  The electronic music played ever-so-softly in the beginning reminds me of the sunrise eventually breaking forth in all its glory. Listen and see what you think. Or, you can listen to the whole CD album on Youtube  here.

Buffett, 61, is the youngest son of billionaire Warren Buffett. The keyboard artist adds emmy-award-winner, co-chairof the NoVo Foundation - established to help end violence toward girls and women- performer and composer to his description. His 30-year-plus career is capped with his Concert and Conversation with Peter Buffett. Attend one of the presentations to listen to his music, find out what it is like to grow up as the son of a billionaire, and various experiences.

Read more about Buffett at his Web site here. I hope you get a chance to listen to some of his music.  It is enjoyable.